A large, bustling port city, on the western coast, Stormreach is a hive of activity. The port is always active, and the market is full of trade and goods from all corners of the known world. Governed by the Lord Priest Thamond, and protected by the Knight Priests of Isa.

Thormin – Lord Priest – He runs the city in the name of Isa
Knight Priest Commander Ames – Dwarf – has trouble focusing on one task at a time.
High Sister Nimrellye – Elf – Always thinks she knows what you need.
Habi – Blacksmith – Created the armors for the Dragon Cult

The Captain’s Galley – The largest tavern and Inn in the city, overlooks the docks, but far enough away to avoid the smell. Run by the Halfling Gauwalt Jorde – He doesn’t want no trouble in here.

The Shark’s Alehouse – Right on the water, this alehouse has all the fixings for sailors coming in from weeks at sea. Froda Deeprock runs the place, and struggles to keep its reputation above water, as it were. Froda can get you almost anything you want, just, maybe take it somewhere else, why don’t you?


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