Alauria's Reign

Log entry 3

an excerpt from the journal of Enthir

Its been some time since I’ve written.

We have come so far and I have learned so much about those I travel with.

Hopefully what i have done(creating the trade deal) and the present I’ve given to Óldor(the knowledge needed to hopefully mobilize the armies of Alauria) will be enough to allow me to return to my home no longer a threat to his claim. I’d hate to have to end him and deal with politics.

Óldor finally responded to my correspondence.
I will return home soon, my oldest quest soon complete, and with heretics in tow.
i have told them the true-believers threaten my home. this should be enough to get them to follow me back.

We passed through a trying dungeon which tested our ability to work together and use our surroundings. Some fared better than others.

The many and confusing lies of deamons seep into the minds of my companions. i found myself unable to tell the difference between a true agent of Alauria and a pretender. The deamon-blood proved himself to always be an agent of destruction. the dragon-blood seems to have fallen. As per my brothers request I will wait to act.

A sea of undead lie between us and what seems to be a powerful necromancer… or another deamon? I didn’t have much to offer in the way of a solution. i might be able to sneak through… but one wrong step could cost me my life…

the others suggest we create a disaster to subdue or destroy them then fly across… we know they have bows. flying seems foolish… sister, you risk too much. if i could only hit the target from here….



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